Learning & the EYFS

The EYFS is the foundation of learning, development and care set out by the government that all providers of early years education, from 0-5 years, must follow. The main focus of this document is to provide settings with guidance to give all children the best start to their school career, providing them with a holistic approach to learning.

Children’s development is completely dependent on the environment that they are exposed to. Our play based approach to learning means that we provide an environment where children can flourish in all the learning areas (according to the EYFS) - becoming independent, intuitive and enthusiastic learners.

We give children the opportunity to ask questions, and follow them through, discover for themselves and use their interests to guide their own learning. Key workers are confident in their ability to observe children’s interests and use this to teach a range of different aspects. For example, children running cars down a tube is an activity we can enhance, introducing different ways to measure how far the cars go, using marks to record the furthest car, recognising and writing numbers of meaning, all while the children are engaged in their play activity.We like to think they are learning these vital skills without even being aware of it!

This approach ensures that the EYFS meets the overarching aim of improving outcomes and reflects that it is every child’s right to grow up safe; healthy; enjoying and achieving; making a positive contribution; and with economic well-being.