How and when do I pay for my child's fees?
Fee invoices, for immediate payment are issued to parents at the start of each half-term. Online Banking is accepted as are cheques which should be made payable to Wilmslow Methodist Pre-school. Childcare vouchers are also accepted.

What will my child need to bring?
A change of clothes is always useful especially if your child is in nappies.

Can my child attend casually?
Sorry, no – please arrange your child’s choice of days in advance. Changes may be able to be accommodated later in the year.

How long should I stay to help my child settle?
This really depends on you and your child.  All children are different and some settle more quickly than others. Please let the staff know your intentions and try not to discuss them in front of your child. When you decide to say good bye, please try not to ‘hang around’ as this confuses your child and can create more upset.

Do you accept Childcare Vouchers?
We are registered with the main voucher administrators. Please let us know if you are paying fees using vouchers.

Can parents/grandparents/carers etc volunteer to help occasionally?
We actively encourage parents / grandparents / carers to help whenever they like.  Should you wish to stay one day please speak to a member of staff so that we can put it in the diary.

How do I claim the free 15 hours?
For 3+ year olds, we will give you a form to complete each term which, when returned to pre-school, will start the claim process. The money comes straight to pre-school.
Funding for 2 year olds has a different process as it is not statutory. Parents will need to contact the Family Information Service via the Cheshire East website to check their eligibility.

My child is not yet potty trained.  What shall I do?
Don’t panic! Please pop a couple of spare nappies, wipes, bags and 2 changes of clothing into their bag and let us know if they are still in nappies when they start. It’s helpful to know when you decide to start potty training as we can help.

How can I help my child learn?
There are many websites with useful information but basically play with your child, trying to avoid distractions of the TV, computer or phone. Read books to them and sing rhymes or songs to them. Recite counting each stair as you walk upstairs; provide jigsaws, turn-taking games, garden play equipment and tricycles. Join the library which has lots of super events for children as well as the lovely lending library. Let your child’s key person know of any significant events such as visits to grandparents / weddings / holidays etc.
Bring something for ‘show and tell.’ The world around your child is a rich resource of words, numbers, people and experiences.  Include your child in conversation during your ordinary adventures and they will be learning without even realising