Diversity & Inclusion

We believe every child is unique.  We celebrate our differences and similarities.  As the world has become progressively more connected we have found many more reasons to celebrate.  Here we welcome children from all backgrounds, faiths and heritages.  

We have many children who speak multiple languages and for whom English may be a second language.  In recent years we have had children who speak Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Farsi, Mandarin, French, Polish, Lithuanian, Spanish, German and Greek, to name but a few!  

Our staff are very experienced at helping children who are new to English to become comfortable.  Children have an incredible gift to absorb and use language and we work to help them become fluent in English and provide support to continue developing their home language.

We have many resources from books in home languages, picture cards to help communicate before words, to the use of basic Makaton sign language. As an added bonus we now get to celebrate many holidays from around the world, from Diwali to Guy Fawkes, Thanksgiving to Eid, Christmas to Chinese New Year!

We strongly believe that every child deserves the best start in life and we can provide specialized care if a child has any particular needs.  We have strong links to local community support and can provide individualized plans for children who need one-to-one support or who may benefit from small group work.  We have a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) who can help to develop a plan to support your child to achieve their goals.  

Each child at the pre-school has an individual Learning Journey overseen by their key person.  This helps each child to meet their expected learning goals and to identify early any areas that may need intervention and support.  Our goal is to make your child their best and happiest self!